Agriculture, Housing, Food Security & Immigration


For example, if we were to build 100 houses on 9 acres, and used 3 acres in a tiering design, and valued three acres at £100,000 an acre, and the 6 acres at £10,000 an acre, at Agricultural value, the overall price would be £360,000, bringing each house at £3,600 each.


If we for example, if we built a number of houses like this in every village , or on new large sites, we could spread out the housing issue and revitalize village life. We could add £20,000 a house for a care or community complex  and a Local shop. It must be beneficial to bring a lorry load of goods to a village store or large development, rather then seeing 100s families traveling to town for their shopping, thus creating traffic gridlock and air pollution.


The design would be built one meter off ground, with water storage underground, and solar panels on the long roof, and possibly earth pumps on large developments. The six acres would be for leisure pursuits and growing fruit and vegetables for the residents.





The following designs would have a number of families in each tierd block while maintaining their independence and own space, but within the development there would be, Restaurants, a library, Crèche, place of worship, Theatre, meeting rooms, indoor sports centre, doctor/dentist. Two thirds of the development would be open space with sports pitches, running track, some cases a community farm, allotments and walk ways.


The design above could be used for older people's living facilities and for young people coming out of care, careers could live onsite. This to include a community garden. It would have a library, cafe, place of worship and general activity centre.