Agriculture, Housing, Food Security & Immigration


  • The problems in America, Spain and Ireland have mainly come from speculators building houses as if it's the only thing that matters.

    Therefore there is no need to build any more houses for open market, anyone needing an open market house can buy one anywhere in the area as there are loads for sale. Market housing is causing debt and despair especially for the young people.

    The Localism Act should apply where the local people will decide on where and what should be built, A and this would also save dredging the sea beds for shingle, destroying the fish district Neibourhood plan could be established, the developers would then be invited to tender for the job.

    How long will it take before people to realize that a house can only be worth what it cost to put together, if food cost had risen like house prices there would have been riots in the streets, if we paid more for our food and less on rents or mortgages we would all be beneficiaries. Once the house is paid for one could begin to save for a family pension fund. Let's have homes for £85,000 or rents for £380 a month.

    We should consider nearly 3 million unemployed as an achievement Technology as reduced the need for labour, we should not have people doing nothing while others work and keep them unemployed, job sharing would be the answer especially for the older age group, but one can't job share with an economy that sets the higher rate as the going rate, especially regarding rents and mortgages, resulting in debt, family breakdown, mental depression, and leading to dementia.

    Designs would be built with steel frames off ground with bolt on timber and sheep wool for insulation; this would also save dredging the sea beds for shingle, destroying the fish breeding beds.

    People need two things, the company of others and our own space, on new estates we are overcrowded yet isolated, the benefits would be saving energy; child care would be easier, and more affordable, child poverty could be reduced, older peoples care would be improved and general well-bring could be established.

    There is a need for a new system for housing also a fresh vision for the layout and design of new housing that are being planned with in the local plans.


  • Community Land Trusts halt all open market developments and transfer all developmental land to Community Land Trusts. At present, land with planning permission immediately leaps in value, making the provision of low cost homes impossible. But with a C.L.T. scheme, the cost of the housing is not related to market value, because a property can only be sold back to the Trust. The buyback would be the cost of building at the time. Landowners could receive £1,000 per acre p.a. Or £50,000 for 50 year lease.


  • A compulsory purchase order would come into play in the event owners would not take up the offer.


  • Housing most house prices are already out of the reach for first time buyers, but rules could be put into place to insure that low cost homes can only be sold back to Community Land Trust.  The cost of these homes should not exceed £80,000 plus ground rent. Every village could be asked to find a site for 15 to 20 homes under the Community Land Trust plan, to preserve rural life.


  • Pensions with this new system of housing, and with a mortgage paid off, people could invest in a Family Care Fund, which could not be used until one’s 60th birthday. This fund could be free of inheritance tax if passed on to another family care fund. Introduce flexible retirement age from 60 onwards.


  • Care Homes we could create affordable care homes in villages and towns, under the same type of Community Land Trust scheme, which would be a 'non-profit` enterprise. A percentage of homes could be built with two kitchens, as part of an annexe, where older parents can be looked after under one roof.